Pumaspeed X48 400+bhp 8 Blade Hybrid Turbocharger - Ford Focus XR5 ST225




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 Blade Focus ST225 Hybrid Turbo charger k16 / K04 - Pumaspeed Hybrid Turbochargers

  • SOLD AS OUTRIGHT PURCHASE OPTION (Keep your turbocharger)
  • New Large K16 54.1mm Turbine shaft with Clipped back blades
  • New Large Bore Extended Tip 7 Blade Billet compressor wheel
  • Unique Shaft Exclusive to Pumaspeed
  • CNC re-profiled compressor cover to match new X-37 billet alloy wheel
  • Motorsport Heavy Duty thrust bearing assembly
  • Modified Seal Plate to match hi-flow compressor wheel
  • Motorsport Specification Cut back turbine blades for high flow at high RPM


Tuning the ST 225 Focus just got serious.
The new X-37 400bhp Hybrid Turbo has arrived.
Using the internals from the Focus RS Mk2 and sliding them into the small frame of the K04 the ST225 can reach 400bhp at a sensible cost with suitable mapping and supporting breathing modifications.
The New Pumaspeed X-37 400 Stage 2 Hybrid for the ST225 Focus has a unique turbine shaft and Billet 7 blade compressor wheel that can power over the 400 bhp mark. Far superior to any other small frame K04 Hybrid available.
The same internals inside Golf R units have powered well over 420bhp !!!

For many years the Focus RS mk2 turbocharger has been the logical next level of tuning for the Focus ST225 owner, the Focus RS Mk2 K16 turbo was virtually a direct fitment with the addition of  some simple water and oil pipework. But now that has all changed.
The bespoke manufacture of a new design turbine shaft and wheel has allowed the exhaust side of the turbo to be enlarged from 50mm in the stock st225 to 54.1mm which is virtually identical to the FocuS RS Mk2.So you have all the flow and power from the RS Mk2 but inside the small frame housing and stock pipework.  Far less cost far better spool and 390-400 bhp..

The New X-37 400 bhp 7 Blade Hybrid Turbo is unlike no other,  Built to out perform all the competition with a huge Focus RS Mk2 Exhaust wheel and full 7 Blade CNC Billet Compressor wheel it has proven time and time again that 400 bhp is a genuine possibility for any Focus ST225 owner.

Spec List required to hit 400bhp

  • Pumaspeed X-37 Hybrid Turbocharger
  • MAXDOUT Stage 4R 400bhp Remap
  • Pumaspeed Tapered Inlet Manifold
  • Bosch 750cc Fuel Injectors
  • Stage 3 R-Sport Intercooler
  • Stage 3 Cold Air Induction Kit
  • Focus RS Fuel Pump
  • Milltek 3”  DeCat Turbo Back Exhaust
  • Stock Air Flow Meter (MAF) !!!!!
  • Uprated Pistons and Rods ( Recommended )


The 400bhp zero to Hero Kit has a list of options to allow you to select the required Hardware very quickly and easily to add to your existing kit already fitted.


Please call or message If you have any combination of the Hardware existing, we can easily advise and supply the rest of he kit to enable a 400bhp.


Is a 400bhp Focus ST easy to use as a daily driver ?
Looking at the below Graph you can easly see that 300bhp is available from as low as 3500 revs, this means that with exceptional quick spool times this new X-37 certainly isnt a laggy unit and can be easily be driven daily without affecting the already beautiful way the st255 responds on the road.

Will the car need an uprated engine ?
Pumaspeeds Experience of the ST225 has led us to recommend the following additions to the internal spec of the engine:
300-330 bhp - We suggest a Block Mod Shim kit be fitted to strengthen the Deck of the Block
380-450 bhp - We suggest Forged Pistons and Rods be used as the OE items are just not upto the job
The car pictured below had only a block modification applied to the motor and did not have Forged Pistons and Rods which we do recommend if  pushing the limits.


Shipping Weight 60.0000kg

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