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Prosport 52mm Halo PK Series Oil Pressure Gauge - Red/White/Blue





Prosport Performance Gauges consist of two important elements: the latest trend in Asia and hottest design in USA. Great importance is attached to the experience of users and the quality of the product, from the design of the dial and the shell to the internal movement, etc., which are details that cannot be ignored.

The Halo PK Series gauge range offers a vibrant analogue face surrounded by a unique Red "Halo" ring. The Halo PK Series backlight can be changed between White, Blue and Amber at any time and also allows 6 levels of brightness and a night driving dimmer function. All gauges in the Halo Series range feature a digital stepper motor to drive the gauge movement and and include an external electric sensor where necessary. The Halo Series gauges also include a programmable warning and Peak Recall functions.


Digital Stepper Motor Movement (all gauges excluding mechanical boost gauge)

Stepper motor movement represents the pinnacle of single gauge technology and provides the highest level of accuracy, precision, responsiveness and durability. Each instrument is controlled by a microprocessor printed internally on the circuit board, which allows incredibly fast calculations and many other particular functions not seen in other instrument types. These gauges send units for the ultimate in accuracy by utilizing laboratory grade, no more than +/- 1%. To further increase accuracy, every time the gauge is powered up it will zero calibrate to assure that it will always remain as accurate as it was the day it was made.

Prosport use two different digital stepper motors; Swiss-made stepper movements offer a more affordable yet precise option while the Japanese-made stepper movements are faster and noiseless. Halo series gauges utilise the Swiss stepper motor.

All pressure and temperature gauges include an electric sensor so you do not need to run air or fluid hoses into the cabin directly to the gauge. Other gauges (AFR and Volt) are wired directly to existing vehicle wiring.


Opening Ceremony

Each Halo PK Series gauge performs an opening ceremony when powered on. During this ceremony the needle will sweep to each limit and self calibrate. See below for a video of this in action:


External Control Pad

The Halo PK series gauges include an external touch control pad to utilise the Peak Recall, Warning, Colour Change and Dimming functions easily.


Warning and Peak Functions

The Halo PK Series offer two additional functions: Peak Recall and Warning. The Peak function saves the highest value the gauge reached while driving and after pressing the Recall button allows this value to be displayed on the gauge. This Peak value can then be cleared after viewing and will automatically record a new Peak value.

The Warning function is fully programmable using the keypad and the warning value can be set anyway within the gauge display range. If the gauge exceeds the set Warning value the gauge can beep, change colour or do both to alert the driver. This is ideal as you do not need to take your eyes off the road to check the gauge to ensure it's in a safe range.


Three Colour Backlight

The Halo PK Series gauges feature three selectable colours for the backlight which can be selected using the external control pad. Each colour also has 6 levels of brightness and a dimmable control via the headlight switching wire for nighttime driving.


Smoked Lens

All Halo PK Series gauges feature a smoked lens which appears almost completely black when the gauge is powered off. Once powered on the display is completely visible.


Daisy Chain Installation

Prosport Halo PK Series Gauges have an additional feature which allows them to daisy chain power from one gauge to the next. This greatly simplifies installation, as only one gauge needs to be wired for power and ground while the others can simply link to this gauge and chain from one another using the included daisy chain wire.

Signal/sensor wires will still be required for each gauge separately.


Included Accessories

Each Halo PK Series Gauge includes the following:

  • 1 x Gauge
  • 1 x Touch Keypad
  • 1 x Mounting Cup
  • 1 x Visor
  • 1 x Power Wire
  • 1 x Daisy Chain Wire
  • 1 x Mounting Bracket (with hardware)
  • 1 x Sensor Unit + Wiring (where applicable)

*Additional accessories may be included for each particular gauge model. See details below


Optional Accessories

Additional accessories may be required to finalise your gauge installation. See below for some examples which are sold separately:


Gauge Lineup

216HLBO270-PK - Boost Gauge (Electrical)

  • -30inHg to +30psi display range.
  • Electrical gauge, includes external MAP sensor which can be mounted in engine bay.
  • 4mm hose barb fitting on sensor.
  • Includes hose, tee piece and inline filter for installation.
  • Requires existing manifold pressure/vacuum source. Newer vehicles may require a "boost tap" (sold separately) to create a pressure/vacuum source.

216HLOP270-PK - Oil Pressure Gauge (Electrical)

  • 0-150psi display range.
  • Electrical gauge, Includes external pressure sensor.
  • Sensor thread: 1/8" NPT
  • May require adaptor for oil pressure sensor (sold separately).
  • For accuracy it is recommended not to mount sensor directly to engine. Use remote sensor kit (sold separately).

216HLFP270-PK - Fuel Pressure Gauge (Electrical)

  • 0-85psi display range.
  • Electrical gauge, Includes external pressure sensor.
  • Sensor thread: 1/8" NPT
  • May require adaptor for fuel pressure sensor (sold separately).
  • For accuracy it is recommended not to mount sensor directly to engine. Use remote sensor kit (sold separately).

216HLWT270-PK - Water Temperature Gauge (Electrical)

  • 40-140˚C display range.
  • Electrical gauge, Includes external temperature sensor.
  • Sensor thread: 1/8" NPT
  • May require adpator for water temperature sensor (sold separately).

216HLOT270-PK - Oil Temperature Gauge (Electrical)

  • 50-150˚C display range.
  • Electrical gauge, Includes external temperature sensor.
  • Sensor thread: 1/8" NPT
  • May require adpator for oil temperature sensor (sold separately).

216HLEGT270-PK - Exhaust Gas Temperature EGT Gauge (Electrical)

  • 200-1200˚C display range (as 10 x 100˚C units).
  • Electrical gauge, Includes external K type temperature probe.
  • Sensor thread: 1/8" NPT
  • May require weld on bung for temperature sensor (sold separately).

216HLAFR270-PK - Narrow Band Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

  • Lean/Optimal/Rich display range
  • Narrow band only. This Gauge is most useful to alert the driver to a lean condition under wide-open throttle when the computer adjustments are in a loop and no longer quickly changing.
  • Electrical gauge, no sensors required. Wires directly into existing O2 sensor wiring.

216HLVOSM - Electrical Volt Gauge

  • 8-18V display range.
  • Electrical gauge, no sensors required.
  • Easiest gauge to install.



Each gauge includes a universal, non-terminated wiring harness which requires professional installation, however products such as fuse taps (sold separately) can be utilised to simplify installation. In-line fuses (sold separately) are recommended to protect gauges from power spikes.

Some Prosport Gauges allow for auto dimming when wired to a headlight switching wire (see table below for dimmable models).


Gauge Series Comparison

Prosport offer a variety of gauges with a unique set of fucntions. See chart below for comparison:

Gauge Series Stepper Motor Warning Function Peak/Recall Function Dimmable Includes Gauge Pod
BF  Swiss Stepper (Excl. Mechanical Gauge) No No No No
SM PK Swiss Stepper Yes Yes No Yes
Evo N/A (Digital Display) No No Yes (manually) No
Evo PK N/A (Digital Display) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Halo Swiss Stepper Yes No Yes Yes
Halo PK Swiss Stepper Yes Yes Yes Yes
JDM Japan Stepper  Yes No Yes Yes
Crystal Japan Stepper  Yes Yes Yes Yes


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