Automotive Therapy - XR5 Stage 3 Package



Mod B
This tune file is designed to work best with upgraded Intercooler, Cold Air Induction Kit, and full 3″ Turbo back exhaust system. Mod B has a characteristic second boost stage at 4000rpm. 

Tried and tested “ModB”, but with a few new tweaks, increased boost at high rpm and holds boost for longer. 

After a year of development we give you “ModC” with several enhancements above the historic “ModB”. This map comes onto boost very early in the rpm range and manages to hold boost to the red line very well. Ideally suited for cars with Induction, intercooler and full 3″ turbo back exhaut. A popular map for track days and dyno days. Mod C Dyno Graph.

Mod X
Definitely our most popular map, this map was conceived from the knowledge we gained tuning the RS MK2, we imported several table changes from the RS MK2 calibration into Mod X and created a truly legendary map. This tune file is only for cars with upgraded induction kit, intercooler and turbo back exhaust system. This map certainly has theX-Factor!! 





For more information on the IMAP's please refer to the "Dreamscience Stratagem IMAP" link located under "Product Support" at the bottom of the page.

The Dreamscience Stratagem iMap™ is the latest and most innovative flash tuning handset brought to you by the tuning wizards at Dreamscience Motorsport. We have made this all possible by collaborating with one of the world’s largest and most successful Ford Tuning companies SCT who are based in the USA.

This exciting partnership has ensured that we have the very latest device hardware technology, plus an un rivalled resource of combined tuning knowledge and experience, it is no coincidence our tunes files are popular market leaders, and are considered to be the best available, as reported by numerous independent specialist magazine tests.  Now that most modern performance Fords are released on a global scale, we are able to bring new hardware and tuning files for all the new performance Fords even faster than before.

The concept of the Stratagem iMap™ is to offer a simple plug and play, easy to use, attractive, yet multi-functional device that has the ability to offer customers a  wide range of Dreamscience’s own proven tune files, as well as having the ability to receive custom tune files from Dreamscience dealers worldwide. The new iMap™ is also a multi vehicle device which comes with tune files for the most popular Performance Fords, click the Supported Vehicles tab to view.

All of the Dreamscience tune files on the Stratagem iMap™ have been carefully created at our research centre using our state of the art rolling road, as well as numerous actual road tests on several of each supported vehicle types to ensure we deliver the maximum performance from your vehicle, while maintaining the highest standard of safety and reliability. With the iMap you have the ability to flash between the tune files on the device for your chosen car an unlimited number of times, plus you can flash between stock and a tune file an unlimited number of times.

The iMap has the ability to receive custom tune files that can be e-mailed to you, an example of this is for the Focus ST225 Turbo X and Turbo X+ for our K06 Hybrid turbo upgrade. We are also able to make edits and custom maps for the other supported vehicles on the iMap and these can be sent via e-mail to you and you add these to your device via pc and the cable provided.

The handset can only work on one vehicle at a time. One handset will work on 5 different vehicles as long as you “return to stock” on the device before choosing to map another vehicle. Each time the handset is used to program a vehicle with a different VIN number to the last, a life will be lost. Once the handset is married to a VIN you can flash between tune files and return to stock an unlimited number of times. Once the handset detects a new VIN, it will then use one life. There are 5 lives in total. Therefore, you can sell the device on and the new keeper can simply plug in and go, you cannot keep a tune file on your car and sell the device on as it will not work. We do advise before sending your vehicle into a garage for service or warranty work you return to stock as there may be updates applied to your car which may delay loading a tune file once returned. Invariably the manufacturers do release calibration updates, when this happens, we rapidly test these and update to our website to ensure your vehicle has continued support.


Dreamscience Focus ST225 Intercooler


Minimum fitting effort – maximum performance.

Dreamscience ST225 intercooler. The all new Dreamscience Front mount Intercooler is here and ready to be fitted to your Focus ST225. This intercooler is a Full Alloy constructions and is hand built in the UK. This ensures that the Intercooler you receive from Dreamscience is of the highest quality.

Our final Intercooler design came from several different early designs, it was then that we discovered the square-tube, internal high flow fin design and applied this to the new, customer release intercooler.
This design delivers an extremely impressive performance gain and efficient heat rejection characteristic with virtually no pressure drop! When we tested our final Intercooler against the many cheaper bar and plate designs currently being sold in to the Ford market place by many different fitting centres. We discovered that when testing their Intercoolers, by the third and fourth run on our Mustang Dynamometer; our Intercooler was over 40% more efficient. Our Testing highlighted that on Modified cars with an Intake temperature of approximately 140 degrees centigrade on the Hot-side after the Turbo, Our Intercooler dropped intake temperatures consistently to below 35 degrees centigrade at Wide open throttle for prolonged periods of time. This Efficient cooling will ensure that maximum performance is delivered without risking the engine longevity.

When Cruising at part throttle our Intercooler will control temperatures so efficiently that it will not rise to +2 degrees Celsius above the ambient temperatures.

The Dreamscience Front mount intercooler features: 
– Hand made in the UK.
– Full Alloy sheet construction.
– Perfect wall thickness, ensuring maximum strength and efficient cooling.
– High Flow Square tube and Fin design.
– Direct fitment using the OEM Hanging points.
– Available with Dreamscience Stencil.

That’s 44 degrees less than the standard!

Width: 685mm
Height: 350mm
Depth: 70mm


Dreamscience ST225 Intake Kit


The Dreamscience ST225 CAIS (Cold Air Induction System) is truly a revolutionary piece of kit designed to maximise the performance of your ST225 2.5L engine. The Dreamscience ST225 Induction Kit  is manufactured from top quality aviation grade aluminium and powder coated black. There is only one internal weld on this kit and for the most part a specialist mandrel bending machine has been used to form the turns and bends in the pipes. This kit also has rolled ends which offers better grip to the joining silicon hoses and boasts a venturi system which helps accelerate the air to the turbo inlet while providing a unique turbo note.

Dreamscience ST225 Intake Kit ticks all the boxes for a quality induction kit with a uniform pipe size throughout, no 90 degree bends, no expansion chamber like in some kits which can cause part throttle flat spots and hesitation, and no part of the kit is between the radiator and block so heat soak is not an issue. This kit was designed by engineers with PHD level qualifications in physics and is intended to maximize the performance of your engine and be the most efficient system for supply unrestricted cold air to the turbo with the shortest and most direct route.

As can be seen in the illustrations below Ford themselves have followed the same design with the RS MK2 induction as this is truly the most efficient way of supplying direct, cool air to the turbo.

The lower pipe has a a new designed Pipercross dry charge filter cone filter rated up to 430Bhp.  The cone gets a direct cold air feed from the lower right grill and is still more than high enough to avoid any water contamination.

This Dreamscience ST225 Induction Kit is suitable for standard, partially and fully modified cars and in all cases will make a noticeable difference to the overall performance and sound of the engine.

The  is very similar in design and functionality to the official Focus RS MK2 Induction as designed by Team RS…

NEW – Deluxe ECU Mount option
While fitting your Dreamscience ST225 Induction Kit why not add a fully compatible RS mk2 ECU Mount

This ECU Mount gives the engine bay more of a standard/tidy look, whilst protecting the delicate ECU from any water ingress.



Dreamscience ST225 Turbo Back Exhaust

Dreamscience ST225 Full Exhaust De-Cat pipe. Stainless Steel

PLEASE NOTE: Installing this product requires the vehicle to be tuned to operate safely. Without tuning, you risk damaging/destroying the engine. We will not be held responsible for any damages. Dreamscience offer an IMAP Handset Tuner which is also available on our website. If you are unsure - please don't hesitate to contact us.

Click here for more information on the IMAP HANDSET


Dreamscience have collaborated with one of the UK's biggest exhaust names to manufacture one of the finest 3″ exhausts for the Focus XR5 on the market.

The exhaust is constructed from 304 grade aircraft spec stainless steel. It is mandrel bent to ensure a smooth and unrestricted exit of gasses from the engine. This is also helped by the de cat and the 3″ catalytic converter / Cat Back.

This exhaust does not use the traditional large silencer at the rear of the vehicle as we have chosen to use two inline silencers. Not only do they give a sporty sound, they also have a unique look and save weight.

After customer feedback, we have also taken the 2 rear in line resonators and increased their size from 4” diameter to 5” diameter, the effect of this is a softened and reduced cabin noise, especially in the cruise, while maintaining the aggressive roar and growl at the rear and outside of the car.

We have not used a conventional sports cat, instead we have incorporated a very free flowing de cat which has been thoroughly tested.

With the Dreamscience exhaust system you have the choice between two tip styles, 4″ slash cut hard edge and 4″ slash cut rolled in.

Please note: Upgrading to a Down pipe De-Cat requires tuning. Please select the Dreamscience IMAP Tuner Handset from the drop down.

Dreamscience Exhaust Sound Clip


Focus RS MK2 440cc multi hole injectors

These are the same Bosch injectors as found in the Focus RS MK2 and are a direct replacement for the standard 330cc Focus ST injectors. There is no need to re-calibrate your ecu to accept these injectors as all of our Dreamscience maps will run these injectors perfectly. These injectors are used as part of our stage 4 kit as from testing the standard injectors start to become inefficient at around 316Bhp +/- depending on temperature, commanded lambda, barometric pressure etc. These new injectors are a MUST for the new Stage 4 kit and also make a good addition to stage 1, 2 and 3 cars as you will notice an increase in performance in the mid range and at high rpm which is complimented with a smoother power delivery. (In all cases any injector bigger than 440cc will not run correctly and are unnecessary leading to ecu recalibration) At 350 real Bhp we still hold 11.5 to 1 AFR with the 440cc injector so any bigger is unnecessary and will not run as well.


Deluxe ST ECU Mount - OPTIONAL


While fitting your Dreamscience or other brand ST225 Induction Kit why not add a fully compatible RS MK2 ECU Mount?

This ECU Mount gives the engine bay more of a standard/tidy look, whilst protecting the delicate ECU from any water ingress.






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