Dreamscience Focus ST225 Intercooler


Minimum fitting effort – maximum performance.

Dreamscience ST225 intercooler. The all new Dreamscience Front mount Intercooler is here and ready to be fitted to your Focus ST225. This intercooler is a Full Alloy constructions and is hand built in the UK. This ensures that the Intercooler you receive from Dreamscience is of the highest quality.

Our final Intercooler design came from several different early designs, it was then that we discovered the square-tube, internal high flow fin design and applied this to the new, customer release intercooler.
This design delivers an extremely impressive performance gain and efficient heat rejection characteristic with virtually no pressure drop! When we tested our final Intercooler against the many cheaper bar and plate designs currently being sold in to the Ford market place by many different fitting centres. We discovered that when testing their Intercoolers, by the third and fourth run on our Mustang Dynamometer; our Intercooler was over 40% more efficient. Our Testing highlighted that on Modified cars with an Intake temperature of approximately 140 degrees centigrade on the Hot-side after the Turbo, Our Intercooler dropped intake temperatures consistently to below 35 degrees centigrade at Wide open throttle for prolonged periods of time. This Efficient cooling will ensure that maximum performance is delivered without risking the engine longevity.

When Cruising at part throttle our Intercooler will control temperatures so efficiently that it will not rise to +2 degrees Celsius above the ambient temperatures.

The Dreamscience Front mount intercooler features: 
– Hand made in the UK.
– Full Alloy sheet construction.
– Perfect wall thickness, ensuring maximum strength and efficient cooling.
– High Flow Square tube and Fin design.
– Direct fitment using the OEM Hanging points.
– Available with Dreamscience Stencil.

That’s 44 degrees less than the standard!

Width: 685mm
Height: 350mm
Depth: 70mm



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