Dreamscience ST225 Cat Back Exhaust

3 inch stainless steel Cat Back with 4 inch slash cut tips either rolled in or hard edge for Ford Focus ST225

The dreamscience cat back is a 3″ diameter mandrel bent system with branded inline silencers and come with the choice of two tips styles. This is very different to a conventional Focus ST system as it does not use the traditional large silencer, with these fitted it allows the exhaust gases to exit the engine quicker.

After customer feedback, we have also taken the 2 rear in line resonators and increased their size from 4” diameter to 5” diameter, the effect of this is a softened and reduced cabin noise, especially in the cruise, while maintaining the aggressive roar and growl at the rear and outside of the car.

The dreamscience cat back gives a sporty sound that is not intrusive as it is subtle when in the cruise but gives an aggressive growl when full throttle is applied. *Please note. This is a Motorsport Exhaust and is designed to be louder than the standard system at idle, cruising, and full throttle.*

Resonated System
This system gives a very sporty sound that is not too intrusive or excessive, it is tasteful when in the cruise, however an unmistakable aggressive roar when full throttle is applied. This is the most popular system ordered due to the tuned nature of the system and all round benefits offered.

Non Resonated System
This system is not for the faint hearted and has almost no silencing. You will experience drone and vibration transfer to the cabin in the cruise, and people will hear you coming from another post code away. Ideally suited for track days or short journeys or general anti social behaviour. Half of those who order non resonated contact us within a few weeks and ask to buy the resonated section as they feel its too loud.

Dreamscience Exhaust Sound Clip



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