Dreamscience Focus ST250 Full Exhaust | De Cat

PLEASE NOTE: Installing this product requires the vehicle to be tuned to operate safely. Without tuning, you risk damaging/destroying the engine. We will not be held responsible for any damages. Dreamscience offer an IMAP Handset Tuner which is also available on our website. If you are unsure - please don't hesitate to contact us.

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This Dreamscience 3″ stainless steel Turbo back exhaust will totally transform the sound of your car. This is the loudest Exhaust we offer for the ST250 with it being a straight through system all the way through to the back box. This exhaust is preferred by customers looking to achieve the most power out of their vehicle. With the Down Pipe and Catalytic Converter being the most restrictive part of the standard system, performance and sound is instantly improved. The Dreamscience full exhaust (De-Cat) is an aggressive, tasteful set up designed to unleash the fury from 4 cylinder engine. This includes the addition of a small bypass pipe that compliments a unique rasp when under acceleration.

The Bypass valve has the option to be fully blanked off if decreasing the sound becomes necessary. This system is finished off by a set of stylish 4″ Hard Edge Slash Cut Tips.

Please note, when upgrading your standard exhaust to a De-Cat Down pipe, Tuning is required. Please select the Dreamscience IMAP Tuner Handset from the drop down.

To hear the Dreamscience Full Exhaust De-Cat in action, please check out the link below; 



Dreamscience Focus ST250 Full Exhaust | De Cat

4″ Slash Cut Hard Edge Tips

Rear Back Box with Bypass pipe

3″ Angled Pipe

3″ Straight Middle section

3″ Down pipe De-Cat

Full Fitting Kit

Optional Blanking Plates for Noise Reduction.


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