Dreamscience Focus ST250 Downpipe Race-Cat

PLEASE NOTE: Installing this product requires the vehicle to be tuned to operate safely. Without tuning, you risk damaging/destroying the engine. We will not be held responsible for any damages. Dreamscience offer an IMAP Handset Tuner which is also available on our website. If you are unsure - please don't hesitate to contact us.

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This high flow Downpipe with Sports Cat is a 200 cell count metal substrate honeycomb catalyst. It ensures effective, ultra high flow performance in extreme environments. Constructed of 3” 304 stainless steel, it is strong and super resilient to the elements. This type of Catalyst makes sure that cat is still able flow almost the same as a De-cat pipe but will also pass an annual MOT test. Our Cat is a direct replacement and is extremely unrestricted, therfore improving sound quality as well as performance.

This particular replacement will make the biggest difference in performance when changed as it is the most restrictive part in the standard exhaust system. Our Catalytic converter meets European emission regulations and each system is individually etched with homologation details and manufacture dates.

Our 200 Cell catalyst is unlikely to trigger any engine lights as we have added extra loading to this cat to reduce emission particulate

This Cat is a Direct replacement of the OEM parts, it uses the same mounting points. The Cat will come with all fixings required to complete fitting. We do not advise that you use 3″ Gaskets when using this part. We use a high temperature Silicone based exhaust sealer.

Please note: This upgrade will require tuning. If required, please select the IMAP Tuner Handset from the drop down.


Dreamscience Focus ST250 Downpipe Race-Cat



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