Dreamscience Focus ST250 Downpipe De-Cat

PLEASE NOTE: Installing this product requires the vehicle to be tuned to operate safely. Without tuning, you risk damaging/destroying the engine. We will not be held responsible for any damages. Dreamscience offer an IMAP Handset Tuner which is also available on our website. If you are unsure - please don't hesitate to contact us.

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The Dreamscience Downpipe De-Cat is manufactured from mandrel bent 304 grade aircraft spec stainless steel, this is a direct replacement for the standard pipe.. This Downpipe De-Cat includes both Primary and Secondary lambda sensors. This replacement pipe is extremely unrestricted and as free flowing as you would expect from a De-Cat pipe. This particular replacement will make the biggest difference in performance when changed as it is the most restrictive part in the standard exhaust system. This upgrade will not only increase performance but also sound. With this Downpipe De Cat fitted to your car it will allow the turbo to spool up quicker improving throttle response and the torque output of you car. This Downpipe De-Cat is required to reach your power goals. Although you may lose a small amount of low end torque that will be made up higher in the rev range where it is really needed.

Please note: Upgrading to a Down pipe De-Cat requires tuning. Please select the Dreamscience IMAP Tuner Handset from the drop down.


Dreamscience Focus ST250 Downpipe De-Cat



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